Even in Southern California, the seasonal changes shift the mood in the air. At Colette’s, we see client events embracing the weather and themes of the season while in house, we’re spinning up new dishes highlighting the ingredients reaching their peak freshness on the farms. Take a look at our full spring menu and all it has to offer!

Featured Below:

Mezze Table:
Roasted garlic hummus, spinach feta dip, baba ganoush, labneh, tabbouleh, muhammara, pickled vegetables, pita chips

Salad Course:
Spring Peas Medley, arugula, red endive, ricotta salata, blood orange, pistachio, citrus vinaigrette

Faroe Island Salmon:
Spring peas + turnip ragout, garlic parsley puree sauce vierge

New York Steak:
Romesco sauce, broccolini, heirloom fingerling potato, chimichurri

Petite Desserts:
Mandarin mousse parfait
Red velvet
Chocolate mousse