Dessert & Wine Pairing | Featuring One Hope Wines

One Hope Wines is a company that we just love. Not only are their wines delicious, but every purchase supports a wonderful cause. So far, the company made more than $3 million in donations. Colette’s is proud to carry and serve One Hope Wines, and our clients all rave! With that said, the wine company has aligned themselves with our friends, Beijos Events to style this fun dessert and wine pairing shoot. Jacquelyn, of Beijos, asked our pastry chef to come up with some delicious desserts to pair with some of One Hope’s most popular wines. {All the desserts can be found on our newest seasonal spring menu.}

Take a look at what we came up with, and see how wonderfully Alison Bernier captured the images! Let’s begin…

Rose Wine Carrot Cake Pairing

We’ve paired the Rosé with our Petite Carrot & Coconut Cakes.

What One Hope says about the wine: “This Provence rosé expresses the warm growing days with sun ripened melon, dried rose and juniper. The palate is full and quenching with weight and texture finishing silky and dry.”

Why the pairing works: Carrots are naturally sweet, and the lightly acidic wine enhances the flavor. The coconut frosting complements the dry, balanced finish.



White Wine Dessert Pairing

We’ve paired the Sauvignon Blanc with our Lemon Apricot Mini Cheesecakes.

What One Hope says about the wine: “Aged in stainless steel, the fermentation bouquet expresses rich lilac and sun baked straw. Enticing flavors of fresh squeezed lime introduce a touch of minerality. The finish is classically Sauvignon Blanc.”

Why the pairing works: Citrus really does work with Sauvignon Blanc, especially ones from California. We love that our pastry chef Lacy added the creamy cheesecake element to balance the wine’s crispness.

Lemon Cheesecake

Lemon Apricot Cheesecake


We’ve paired the Rosé Sparkling Wine with our Funfetti Whoopie Pies.

What One Hope says about the wine: “A beautiful blend of red and white grapes creating juicy palate full of watermelon and stawberry with aromas of rose petals. The sparkling wine uses the traditional method used in Champagne, France to ferment in the bottle to create refreshing and festive bubbles.”

Why the pairing works: The vanilla based confetti cake’s subtleness allows the fruitiness of the wine to really shine. And, you know, bubbles + sprinkles = party!




We’ve paired the Pinot Noir with our Petite Blueberry Cornmeal Cakes.

What One Hope says about the wine: “Our reserve Pinot Noir is made in an elegant style. Aromas of dark cherry and rose petals are coupled with hints of fresh spearmint and nutmeg. The medium body is driven by concentrated fruit and vanilla cherry soda on the mid palate. The wine finishes with a touch of fall spice.”

Why the pairing works: The pinot noir really supports the blueberry soaked cakes. The earthy cornmeal balances the fruit flavors in the wine as well.




We’ve paired the Cabernet Sauvignon with our Violet & Cassis Petit Fours.

What One Hope says about the wine: “Plentiful aromas of blackberries, blueberries, and marionberries with a hint of wild violet. This seductive wine has rich texture and ripe tannins that will continue to age. Notes of chocolate powder echo a long finish.”

Why the pairing works: This pairing has to be are most favorite out of the bunch. Not only the fact that violet notes are in both the wine and dessert, but cassis is as rich and delicious as the cab grape itself. Match made in heaven!